Kong Lyrics — Faris Shafi

Song Credits: Kong is a Hindi song performed by Faris Shafi with lyrics also written by Faris Shafi, under the production of Actionzain. You will get Kong Faris Shafi Lyrics below.

Kong Faris Shafi Lyrics

O suno mere Akhwale zaree
Its been credible jante sabhi hai Faris Safi
Malik ne mujhko takat jo di hai Sadik Ameen
Baki sare kameene

Sat on a scene in the sand
of the beach in Cyprus
Watch me with your up
I can pass you the dick

The plan is plan B
your man is angry
I might just adjust
A little adjustment a lyrical upsetment

Mere dil me dard hai
sir me dard hai
Mu pe to sare
mere jigre bante hai

O zinger burger khalen
nigle isko ab
Aur nikalen idhar se
apni shakal na dikhayi

Kasma nu khayi chakha
ki da bite zara si de bite
Faris on the mike
like rockstar redstar rehpta ni khale tu

Actores actra hai nit
u bahencho* rukte ni bank roll
Bhootni ke toku choku
worth hai mere andar

About Song

Artist:Faris Shafi
Album:Kong (Single)
Writer:Faris Shafi

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